Adorable kitten baby cute – surprised kitty

Posted on July 9th, 2011 by furrypurry in Cat Videos

Life worth living for these cuties. Unfortunately the grow up. Hello Kitty! surprised kitten surprised kitten surprised kitten surprised kitten surprised kitten

25 Responses to “Adorable kitten baby cute – surprised kitty”

  1. i think this baby was hungry and the owner just kept forcing it to face the camera and move when it just seemed like it just wanted to drink from a nipple… idk mayeb its just me. Such an adorable lil baby though..

    ps: what surprise??

  2. agree with you… they just keep annoying the baby… so young they only need to stay with mum to be warm and to suckle
    by the way the camera sucks ! images were not good

  3. cute

  4. sssssooooo adorable.


  6. my heart just melted <3

  7. ohhh, but still…… :)

  8. oooommmggg its soooo cuuuutttteee

  9. Being that CUTE should be illegal!!!!!!

  10. Precious babies.

  11. so adorable

  12. even though im emo that is so cute

  13. I never had one that small before.

  14. i just had a heart attack

  15. 11 people are lost.

  16. OMG this is the cutest kitten ive ever seen in my life<3

  17. My brain explodes of adorableness^^

  18. One of life’s miricles is this

  19. my heart melted into a sugary puddle watching this

  20. Aww! I love it when kittens are first born! They look so cute when they yawn and all you can see are their little gums! I wish kittens could stay like that forever!

  21. OMG that is so adorable.. HOW COULD 11 PEOPLE DISLIKE? they must have been having a heart attack from the cuteness and hit the wrong button =)

  22. This video is so sweet it gave me Diabetes

  23. oohhhmyygoddd i just died of cutenesss!!

  24. who ever dislikes this beats baby seals on their spare time…

  25. Wait till becomes a big cat.Imagin how much scratches and bites she will get :)

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