Posted on September 20th, 2009 by furrypurry

Videos for You and Your Cat

  These videos are designed for you in mind. They are step by step instructional videos presented by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and Heska.

  • Giving your cat medication

     We all understand that giving your cat any type of medication can be an uphill battle, but here are some helpful hints.

     Pill and tablet medication

     Liquid medication


  • Trimming your cat’s nails

     Is your cat getting stuck in the carpet or the back of your newly re-upholstered couch? Nail trimming does not have to be a struggle. If all else fails, you can always make an appointment with your vet or groomer.


  • Diabetes

     Diabetes can be scary at first, but there are ways to help your cat control his or her blood sugar. Even with a proper diet, sometimes insulin injections are still needed. Even with good regulation, diabetics still need to be well monitored.


  • Chronic Renal Failure

    Chronic renal failure can go by many names. All of which mean the same thing but none sound less frightening. Simply put the kidneys ability to remove waste and concentrate urine are steadily decreasing. There are many things we can do to help slow the progression, such as diet changes, supplements, and fluid therapy. This video has a step-by-step instructional to giving your cat fluids. Even after you cat is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease they may still lead a long and happy life. We do however recommend bi-annual exams and blood tests to monitor the progression of the kidney disease and the overall wellness of your cat.


  Cornell University has plenty more videos for you and your cat to enjoy. To view the rest of them visit Cornell’s feline video website